Blaze Orange


Art size:  12" x 12"

Mounted:  18" x 18"

Limited Edition of 250

Signed and Numbered  

Archival Quality Giclée Print



Flames ignite, exciting the night air, creating a luminous glow.
With intense heat, a disastrous wildfire radiates. The sweeping
and destructive conflagration blazes out of control. 

"Blaze Orange" is #2 of 4 experimental acrylic paintings on 12" x 12" gesso board. My goal for this series was to be creative with the imagery. My vision for this painting was that of life bursting forth with incredible heat. The tree is blazing white hot, melting it's seed pod, and setting it's surroundings ablaze."

Paintings by Timothy Kobs • info@tkobs.com • (608) 534-7435 • Copyright ® 2010, All Rights Reserved