Art size:  8" x 12"

Mounted:  14" x 18"

Limited Edition of 250

Signed and Numbered  

Archival Quality Giclée Print



The silent stare of Frankenstein's monster is an indelible image. Reanimated from a dead body, the monster was rejected by mankind, and sought revenge on his creator's family to avenge his own sorrow.

"The monster with no name. Many have called him Frankenstein, but that was the name of his creator. I call him Frankster. As a child I was enamored of monster movies. The most iconic was Frankenstein from 1931. Those old movies were filmed in black and white. I bought Famous Monsters magazines whenever I could find them. The covers were in color. It was the first time I had ever seen my favorite monsters in full color. The covers by Basil Gogos were my favorites. I was lucky enough to hear him speak at Dragon Con in 2008. I started this acrylic painting on a black canvas using only white to bring out the midtones and highlights. I then added subtle colors to bring him to life. Frankster was painted with open acrylics on canvas."

Paintings by Timothy Kobs • info@tkobs.com • (608) 534-7435 • Copyright ® 2010, All Rights Reserved