Gaia & Luna


Art size:     12" x 18"

Mounted:  18" x 24"

Limited Edition of 250

Signed and Numbered  

Archival Quality Giclée Print



Gaia, the living earth, and Luna, the shining moon. Do they rest in

the starlit skies of the milky way, or in a sea of tranquility?


"Sometimes visions just pop into my head. When they are strong enough the visions stay with me for a long time. I had the idea for this painting in my head for a couple of years before I created it. Gaia and Luna are the Greek names for the Earth and the Moon. Notice how the sea creatures are creating new galaxies in their wake as they swim the path of the Milky Way. Gaia and Luna was painted with fluid acrylics."

Paintings by Timothy Kobs • info@tkobs.com • (608) 534-7435 • Copyright ® 2010, All Rights Reserved