Imperial Dragon


Art size:  8" x 12"

Mounted:  14" x 18"

Limited Edition of 250

Signed and Numbered  

Archival Quality Giclée Print



With the approach of dusk, a dragon surveys
it's territories. Regal Bearing is evident, in the
dominant stance of the Imperial Dragon.

"When I was younger, I would throw a party every year for my birthday. They were called "Slay the Dragon" parties. The dragon was represented as a half barrel of beer, and we slew quite a few dragons at those parties. I would design a new invitation, with a different dragon for each party. The Imperial Dragon was based on the pen and ink illustration I created for the fifth annual invitation. A bald eagle was used as inspiration for this regal dragon. The painting was created with watercolor paint on a watercolor board."

Paintings by Timothy Kobs • info@tkobs.com • (608) 534-7435 • Copyright ® 2010, All Rights Reserved