Swallowtail Rising


Art size:  6" x 18"

Mounted:  12" x 24"

Limited Edition of 250

Signed and Numbered  

Archival Quality Giclée Print



In the waking hours, the iris open to the

warmth of the morning sun. Starlight fades,

and a distant castle begins to glimmer. A

swallowtail rises to greet the new day.

"This painting went through a lot of transitions during the drawing phase. It started out with a girl opening her hands releasing butterflies into the air, and changed several times before the final concept was drawn. The swallowtail butterfly went from three to one. I added the castle because I have always been fascinated by castles. The faerie flowers were the final addition, and are my favorite part of the painting. I painted this using open acrylics."

Paintings by Timothy Kobs • info@tkobs.com • (608) 534-7435 • Copyright ® 2010, All Rights Reserved